Over the quality of our PureSaffraan®: We manage our own fields in Morocco in partnership with professionals who have devoted their entire lives in doing this. Even as children they have been involved in learning this from ancestors. We take part in the harvest when the flower and harvest and check as far as are the whole process to the “vital moment”. Our fields are full-time well cared for and is 100% organic. Irrigation takes place with the local groundwater which also can be consumed by tourists.

The best measurement for quality are in addition to the testimonies of our customers including many top chefs from different top restaurants.

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There are different quality parameters determined worldwide and men has still not succeeded in order to come to a unification. The most international and objective quality measurement is that of “The International Standard Organization (ISO)”, this has for saffron a quality standard (ISO 3632-2), based on:

  • crocina (color) (photo metric with a photo spectrometer of 80 to 190 and more)
  • picrocrocin (taste)
  • safranal (scent)
  • the content of non-rammers (floral waste content)
  • inorganic material (ash)

The quality of a degree 3 (lower quality) to Level 1 (best quality).

CategorieRequirementsTest mode
Saffron threadssaffron powder
Moisture and volatile substances, % (m/m), max.1210ISO 3632-2 CLAUSE 9
Total shaft, % (m/m) on dry matter, max.88ISO 928 & ISO 3632-2 CLAUSE 10
Acid-soluble ash, % (m/m), on dry matter, max. Category I&II Category III1.0 / 1.51.0 / 1.5ISO 930 & ISO 3632-2 CLAUSE 11
Soluble in cold water, %(m/m), on dry matter, max.6565ISO 941
Bitterness, expressed in accordance with the reading of picrocin of 257 nm, on dry weight min. CAT I / CAT II / CAT III70 / 55 / 40ISO 3632-2 CLAUSE 13
Safranal, expressed in accordance with a reading of 330 nm, on dry matter – all categories of Min. / Max.20 / 50ISO 3632-2 CLAUSE 13
Color strength, read from crocin to 440 nm, to dry weight min. CAT I / CAT II / CAT III190 / 150 / 100190 / 150 / 100ISO 3632-2 CLAUSE 13
Total nitrogen, % (m/m), on dry basis, max.3.03.0ISO 1871
Raw fiber, % (m/m), on dry fibers, max.66ISO 5498

How Keep Saffron

Saffron is best kept in a dark, dry, air closed and cool place. In this way, saffron can be preserved and kept for years even. Saffron is very sensitive to changes in PH levels and breaks down quickly under the influence of light and oxygen. Therefore, always store saffron in an air-tight environment. Saffron can take a bit of heat, but moisture and light destroys it.

Test Results

PureSaffraan ISO analyse

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