Our story

Where the story begins PureSaffraan®?

The idea to immerse ourselves in Saffron began in the Sultanate Oman. There we saw in all shops or market the Iranian saffron, it was selling well and there was much interest in the better saffron too. Our guide took us to the mountains, the desert, the Arabian Sea. He asked if it was possible to export a better quality Saffron to Oman in order to be able to deliver a high-quality alternative for the Iranian saffron. We told him before that during a previous vacation in Morocco to the East of the country we made acquaintance with top quality saffron. After sending a steel the message came along the “local moms” adored this Saffron and adlitted this one was better as theirs on the local market.

Then we got the idea as well: “what if we have our homebase meeting this red gold?”

Said and done, after an investigation on the Belgian market it was clear we can offer a high-quality Saffron compared to our local market.

You can have our Morocco’s purest and powerfull “PureSaffraan ®” for the same price as in the grocery store and ours last 10 times longer because of its difference in quality and taste/color intensity.

PureSaffraan ® smells pleasant, has a pretty intense deep red colour, a refined taste (honey like), it’s an elite among the herbs, has multiple medicinal powers and is therefore mentioned in historic literature and in sacred books of the great religious movements.

The herb deserves our highest respect and an introduction by you!

Finally, our intention and motive is to find and deliver a pure natural product to you, to your benefit and for the good of our desire to financially fund charities of all hands. If you enjoy our exclusive product you also support one of these charities at your choice.

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