As you can read in our story, one of the explicit goals of PureSaffraan® is supporting charities. 25% of the profit margin goes directly to the project which the customer selects together with his purchase. To give an example; this means that per 100g which is sold through our website, 86.58 euros goes to charity.  On our website we will always select three charities. The other 75% of the profit will be our working capital to maintain and invest in our PureSaffraan® fields. This allows us to grow as we work towards the sustainability of our project.

Palestina Solidariteit (Palestine Solidarity) is a Belgian NGO which both aims to raise awareness in Belgium regarding the conflict in Palestine, as well as providing support in Palestine.

Palestijnse dadels

For decades now, around 150 Muslim Families  live in Dilsen Stokkem (Limburg Belgium) and they have to move to maintain their community, work and religious services for more or less 10 kilometers.  This community with its own power and with the support of Muslims and non-Muslims, has, in the past two years to purchased a new community center with a value of €475.000

To be able to live in the  community, it needs modifications, alterations, framing, furniture and other home appliances – and all of this takes time and money.

With your purchase of Pure Saffron ®, 25% of the profit goes to this if you choose this as your charity.

We, the owners of PureSaffraan®, visit Morocco several times each year. Whether we are traveling for business or vacation, we always make sure to help out local underprivileged people. That can be a local orphanage with a washing machine, or have the cataracts of someone in need operated so the person can be self-supporting, or provide a prosthesis that someone is again more mobile or  to support boarding schools for children from remote mountain areas.

With your purchase of Pure Saffron ®from our website, 25% of the profit goes to this purpose if you choose this as your charity.