As you can read in our story, one of the explicit goals of PureSaffraan® is supporting charities. 25% of the profit margin goes directly to the project which the customer selects together with his purchase. To give an example; this means that per 100g which is sold through our website, 86.58 euros goes to charity.  On our website we will always select three charities. The other 75% of the profit will be our working capital to maintain and invest in our PureSaffraan® fields. This allows us to grow as we work towards the sustainability of our project.

Palestina Solidariteit (Palestine Solidarity) is a Belgian NGO which both aims to raise awareness in Belgium regarding the conflict in Palestine, as well as providing support in Palestine.

We, the owners of PureSaffraan®, visit Morocco several times each year. Whether we are traveling for business or vacation, we always make sure to help out local underprivileged people. That can be a local orphanage with a washing machine, or have the cataracts of someone in need operated so the person can be self-supporting, or provide a prosthesis that someone is again more mobile or  to support boarding schools for children from remote mountain areas.

With your purchase of Pure Saffron ®from our website, 25% of the profit goes to this purpose if you choose this as your charity.

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