Saffron is appreciated for its unique taste. Saffron can be prepared with sweet and savory dishes. But you have to be careful with the dosage because too much can be bitter.

Therefore make no mistake in the dosage, mix 1 g saffron in 120 ml water. Allow the mixture to stand for 20 minutes. Please use the liquid for herbs. You can also take a high percentage of alcohol in place of water, then the mixture of herbs is more durable in sustainability. (For Muslims: by law of the transformation you can make this liquid through flambeer technique use).

Saffron is used in fish soup based as the French Bouillabaisse. For the Greek Brodetto, saffron is still used for the color and flavor.

The Moors brought saffron to Spain, via the southern Andalusia. Under the influence of the Moors, the paella of Vallencia is being prepared with saffron. Other rice dishes use saffron for the color and smell.

Saffron is also present in the Spanish cuisine Fabado Asturiana (typical bean soup from MUJA) and Pot Gallego (meal soup from Galicia).

Albondigas al Azafran, meatballs with saffron from La Mancha are delicious as tapas with drinks, as also the Tortilla Espanola con Azafran – which is potato omelet with saffron.

And the Sopa de cebolla con Azafran, an unusually tasty onion soup with saffron, almonds and sherry or the Montadito de centolla con Azafran, a sandwich crab with saffron.

The Mojo picron Canario, a spicy garlic sauce from the Canary cuisine is often used for potatoes and the Mejillones al Azafran, mussels with saffron are a classic in the Spanish cuisine, just as the Arroz con Azafran (Rice with saffron).

There are the Gazpachos galianos manchegos, shepherd spot of rabbit with saffron from La Mancha and the Zarzuela the pescado, a typical Spanish fishbread with saffron.

In Teruel is the creme brulee with saffron famous. In the Argentinian and Uruguayan kitchen there is the Chimichurri de Azafran, a sauce and marinade with saffron.

In Northern Italy and Switzerland they prepare risotto with Saffron. It is also added to a cake, … delicious in a lime or lemon cake or the Corn Isch Saffran Cake, a prescription of Mrs Lena Thomas from 1971.

In the Dutch East Indies saffron is indisputably present: safron in rice, noodles in sweets and ice creams. Indies used saffron in the Ayurveda and at religious rituals.

In Saudi Arabia, the real Arabic coffee is prepared with saffron and cardamon.

Prepare saffron oil in 10 seconds at home and you save a lot of money! It is so ridiculously easy to prepare at home you never have to buy another bottle again.   In preparation you just use a finger pinch of saffron (to you how many) and grinding them in your fingers in a dish with the oil of your choice (a lighter oil, without a strong taste is better to notice the saffron). Let the basis of saffron filaments pulling it in the oil for 5 minutes minimum but ideally 1 hour and you will need to create your own saffron oil.

You can use any oil of choice, we recommend oilve oil or an oil with not too strong taste so that the saffron is not masked. The oil of saffron is created by the insertion of the saffron herbs in oil so that the active chemicals in the saffron can penetrate the oil to the saffron oil which is colored by the red color of the saffron. We sell sargol Iranian Grade 1, which is the best in saffron quality saffron in the world, in high level crossing of the quality of the Moroccan saffron, Spanish saffron and even Cashmir saffron.

– Chicken in Saffron

– Rice with saffron

– Saffron Basmati rice

– Paella

– Bouillebase

– Almond Saffron Curry

– Chicken Stew with Fennel and Saffron

– Saffron Ice Cream

– Saffron Biscuit

– Fish Bouillon with Oysters and Saffron

– Saffron Cake

Saffron rice & Barberries is a classic saffron recipe made of saffron and white rice which is cooked in vegetable broth for the vegetable and saffron flavors to penetrate the rice while boiling. Saffron rice dishes are present in many types of cuisine from all over the world. For the best saffron and rice used to make you the best quality saffron puresaffron®

Creating the perfect Persian basmati saffron rice at home is so easy. Here is a Persian saffron rice recipe for you to try.

Buy the best quality saffron spices such as puresaffron®, that is the best of all the saffron in the world. You only need a little finger pinch of saffron filaments of the puresaffron®, so it is cost effective and goes a long time.

The combination of the saffron spice taste with the caramelised onions provides a butter-like and creamy flavor and texture to the dish. Use white basmati rice for the best results, do not use long grain or brown rice in this recipe. Also from the perspectives of the beautiful saffron color you do want the white basmati rice which has the staining . With this, it is the most visually appealing to the eye and as the saying goes you eat first with your eyes, so for these reasons to use both white basmati and you can enjoy of saffron rice.

Serve the saffron rice and sprinkle with some saffron strands & barberries for their bittersweet taste and beautiful visual appeal as a finishing touch.

After the meal, rinse with a delicious cup of saffron tea.

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