Saffron comes in all major religions known for. Logically, you know that Saffron can be used in any way possible: colors of things, clothes and body, as perfume, as valuable commodity, as a spiritual agent, as medication and to enrich dishes with color aroma and taste.

Some single grip of knowledge about Saffron from the following faiths:


Hinduism, Buddhism:

– The use of the red color to color clothes and to honor certain gods with the red color and sweet smell.

– It becomes fire and its significance imitated by Saffron color.



– Saffron rub on the head of a baby whose hair is shaved according to a ritual whenever an animal is sacrificed in honor of the birth.

– According to several traditions , it is forbidden for men to wear saffron colored clothes.

– Several other traditions to give there is nothing wrong with eating Saffron and that it is an aphrodisiac.

– It is said in several traditions that the Paradise ground was made of Saffron.

– In different traditions it is said the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) advised to eat a number of herbs including saffron.


Christianity: There is talk in several biblical fragments of saffron as perfume.

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